Nic’s life is back on track

Nic’s life is back on track

A 41-year-old software technician from Newcastle Upon Tyne, who acquired a life-threatening brain injury resulting from a car accident more than 20 years ago, has benefited from mental health support which helped him stay in the job he enjoys. Nic Griffiths was not expected to survive, but he was eventually discharged from the hospital with a range of physical and mental scars that remain with him today.

Nic works as a report designer with software specialists, Sage, and was determined not to lose his career because of the accident. He sought support via the free and confidential Workplace Mental Health Support Service which is part of the Government’s Access to Work programme. Trained advisors provided support tailored to the needs of both Nic and his employer. He was able to identify appropriate coping strategies which helped him retain his job.

“I’ve spent many years learning to live with the effects of my brain injury, but they never go away completely. There are times when this has been extremely difficult, for me and for those around me, and I have experienced constant challenges.

However, I found it difficult to accept the consequences of my injuries and the anger would build up in me. Alongside this, I experienced intrusive thoughts and they led to me having a mental breakdown.

My advisor offered invaluable support and understood the effects of my injury and she helped me build a plan of what I could and couldn’t do. Seeing all this written down forced me to confront reality and, whilst it certainly wasn’t comfortable, it gave me some direction.”

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